• Healthy Hydrogen Rich Water Maker
  • Healthy Hydrogen Rich Water Maker
  • Healthy Hydrogen Rich Water Maker
  • Healthy Hydrogen Rich Water Maker

Healthy Hydrogen Rich Water Maker

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GRAB YOUR DISCOUNTED Healthy Hydrogen Rich Water Maker !

Portable Healthy Hydrogen Rich Water Maker provides more healthy water for you.

It only needs 6 minutes to produce a cup of hydrogen-rich water which can be directly drunk. Suitable for home, office, traveling, etc. Normally, we know that hydrogen is the chemical element with the symbol "H" and atomic number 1.

With just one proton and one electron, it is the most common element, making up 75% of the mass of the entire universe. "H" represents a single hydrogen atom which exists only on paper but is not found anywhere because it combines with another hydrogen atom to form a hydrogen molecule (H2).

Hydrogen is the smallest, about half the size of oxygen, and the simplest element in the Universe. At the same time the importance of hydrogen in various chemical processes, including for human's health, is very high. Due to its small size (about half size of the oxygen), it has a high level of bio-availability.

A molecule of Hydrogen can rapidly diffuse deep into all the human body cells and mitochondria, as well as easily pass through the blood-brain barrier.



  • To improve water quality, kill the Bacteria.
  • A red light on charging, blue light after charging.
  • There is a locking device to prevent water leakage.
  • Improve the function of cell repair and regeneration.
  • Equipped with a ceramic core valve, antibacterial effect.
  • Regulate Stomach, relieve Constipation and improve gastrointestinal function.
  • Reduce blood viscosity, improve microcirculation and enhance blood vessel elasticity.
  • Hydrogen water, the water of life, has the benefit of Anti-aging and skin maintenance.
  • Make water molecules much smaller, which can be absorbed by the cell membrane better and boost metabolism.


  • Pour some drinking water appropriately(Purified water not allowed, water temperature below 60℃)
  • Juice, Beverages or other Chemical solutions are not allowed. Only for drinking water, Purified water, and Distilled water.
  • Press the switch, the device will switch off automatically after finish the hydrogen generating.
  • Do not drink the water when the device is electrifying.
  • Ready for a drink after or appropriate vinegar soaked cleaning on first. The hard water cause fouling will affect the hydrogen generation, use vinegar soak.
  • Drink the Hydrogen-rich water immediately when finished.


  • Color: White
  • Power: 20W
  • Capacity: 300-400ml
  • Water temperature: 0~60℃
  • Charging time: 180min
  • Power Supply: AC100V 0.15A
  • Generating time: about 3-5 minutes
  • Hydrogen concentration: 1200~1500ppb
  • Material: Stainless steel+PC+Silicon Rubber


  • 1 x Healthy Hydrogen Rich Water Maker



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