• Hydrogen Water Bottle with LED Display
  • Hydrogen Water Bottle with LED Display
  • Hydrogen Water Bottle with LED Display
  • Hydrogen Water Bottle with LED Display

Hydrogen Water Bottle with LED Display

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GRAB YOUR DISCOUNTED Hydrogen Water Bottle with LED Display !

Ionized Alkaline water is produced by electrolysis, and it is this process which enables freely available hydrogen gas to dissolve into the water.

Hydrogen Water Bottle with LED Display

Following an alkaline diet is another way of doing it, but to reach the vital parts of your body, at a cellular level, drinking hydrogen-rich ionized water is easily the most efficient way to do it.

Many athletes and keep fit enthusiasts certainly think so! Staying adequately hydrated will increase your energy, but drinking ionized alkaline water is better. The hydrogen boosts the power-house mitochondria of each cell, keeping the cell – and you! - energized.

Believe it or not, hydrogen water tastes way better than regular water. Most people comment immediately on the pure, clean taste. The fact that this great-tasting drink is so good for you is just all-around great news.

Whatever method of water-cooking you use; steaming, bain-marie, boiling; it’s fine to use alkaline water. Just bear in mind that some of the hydrogens will be lost to the cooking process, but otherwise, don’t hesitate.


Hydrogen and oxygen separation technology: Electrolysis time is shorter and the parameters are more stable, which is suitable for all drinking water quality, effectively solve the problem of residual hydrogen and oxygen after electrolysis, making drinking water safer and healthier.

5 min mode Electrolysis: Hydrogen-rich cup made of Food grade plastic ABS, making it long retention time, 5 min to change the water quality(depending on the water quality, hydrogen content up to 1000ppb).

Safe & Environmental protection: This hydrogen-enriched cup is made of Food-grade plastic ABS, BPA-free, safe and pure. Hydrogen-rich cup with cup cover buckle design, better sealing, easy operation; its base with EVE pad, stable and non-slip.

1000mAh lithium battery & USB charging: Hydrogen-rich cup of high-quality 1000mAh polymer lithium battery, that makes it longer charge life; It uses USB to DC power connector, charging more convenient.


  • Hydrogen-rich water is called water of life; drinking more hydrogen-rich water is good for anti-aging. It also can be used for washing face, easy absorbed to maintain the skin.
  • Adjust intestines and stomach, can promote blood circulation and metabolism, and also maintain a balanced endocrine.
  • Good for improving function cell repair and regeneration.
  • Reduce blood viscosity, improve microcirculation, and increase the elasticity of blood vessels.
  • Beneficial to improve the water quality, also kill the bacteria content in the water, sterilization effect is obvious.
  • Makes water molecules smaller, can quickly reach the skin cells around, have moisturizing effects. It also can improve water pollution and heavy metal
  • With the all-new water bottle, you can create a significant antioxidant-rich solution capable of defending your body as only antioxidants can while dramatically increasing your body’s hydration levels!
  • Studies have been shown that increasing the number of antioxidants can improve the overall body ability to heal.
  • Seamlessly delivers an increased amount of benefits instantaneously into your body without unwanted additives.


  • Installation: Vertical
  • Certification: CE,CSA,CB
  • Function: Direct Drink
  • Model Number: Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle
  • Water Quality Requirements: HHigh-QualityDrinking Water
  • Purifying Position: Terminal Purification
  • Power (W): 5w
  • Water Yield(Liter/Minute): 2.0
  • Material: Titanium
  • Water treatment machine Type: Water Ionizer
  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Hydrogen-rich water content: 800-1000pp
  • Electrode: Titanium platinum
  • Electrolytic time: 5 Mins
  • Water temperature: 10-60 Centigrade
  • Material: High-strength Eastman Tritan
  • Current: 300MA
  • Charging: USB
  • Charging time: 2h
  • Size: 70x70x260mm


  • 1 x Hydrogen Water Bottle with LED Display



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